FreshTemp technology provides complete food safety and operations management for your commercial kitchen - from large-chain, quick service restaurants to independent dining services to food retailers.

Our automated data collection system connects your kitchen to the cloud:

  • Simplifying HACCP Compliance

  • Streamlining Team Operational Task Checklists

  • Wirelessly Collecting and Transmitting Records to Management

  • Ensuring Food Safety

The FreshTemp suite of products is fully integrated:

  • FreshSenseReal-time temperature sensors and monitoring

  • FreshProbe: Wireless temperature probe

  • FreshTemp AppDigital food safety and operations application

  • FreshCloudRemote task and temperature reporting for management

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Ensure consistency, compliance and quality control in your food service operation from the time product is received through storage, handling, prep and service…24/7.

Design a system to meet your line staff and management reporting needs.

FreshTemp uses state-of-the-art technology to record temperatures and operational task lists in real-time to ensure your customers and company are protected.  

We create HACCP compliant logbooks and detailed reports from the wireless temperature data collected by our Bluetooth devices.



Peace of Mind

FreshTemp alerts you when temperatures aren’t right, reducing risk and preventing product loss and equipment failures.

HACCP Compliance

The FreshTemp system significantly improves food safety with ongoing temperature monitoring coupled with cloud-based management reporting.

Remote Oversight

FreshCloud brings consistency to your processes across multiple locations by  sharing data live 24/7 with any mobile device, tablet or computer.