The FreshTemp program

We are obsessed with your continuous improvement. You want to improve processes and maximize efficiency within your kitchen. The FreshTemp program is simple to use and based on industry best practices.


Real-time temperature sensors


Monitors your facilities around the clock to record temp data and alert management to issues


Wireless Temperature Probe


Communicates with the FreshTemp app to immediately capture product temperature

FreshTemp App and Website

Digitizing food service operations


Collects temperature data and operational duties; digitizes data to reveal trends and monitor compliance

What can we do for you?


The FreshTemp program saves you time and money...

We make your daily tasks more efficient. Using the power of the Internet of Things, we guide your employees through their duties, keeping everyone on track and allowing you to have a truly omniscient view of your operations.

provides new data for you to make better decisions...

Reports with real-time data are presented in easy-to-understand graphs and charts. They give you insight into your operations so that you can make decisions based on your actual performance. With the FreshTemp program you will gain a view into your restaurant without ever leaving the comfort of your own home office. 

and keeps your food and customers safe.

Food and storage temperatures are automated and replace the time consuming, traditional pen-and-paper methods. Know that you are serving your best quality ingredients by replacing your old equipment with more accurate and reliable FreshTemp hardware.


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