FreshTemp Products

In 2011, FreshTemp founder and CEO Jeff Rieger developed a wireless sensor network at the MIT labs.

This award-winning technology eventually advanced into FreshSense – the real-time, temperature monitoring and data collection thermometer for inside your cooler (or any refrigerator, freezer, warmer, etc.). This technology expanded into a fully synchronized system including a Bluetooth food probe, an app and cloud-based software to address the temperature and food safety needs of restaurants and commercial kitchens.  

FreshTemp provides a fully integrated temperature and safety operations system to monitor your food service company around the clock.  All FreshTemp devices sync with the FreshTemp app and FreshCloud for accurate, accessible, (HACCP) compliant record-keeping.

      User friendly

We’ve been there - we understand how difficult it is to manage and maintain a food operation. That is why FreshTemp is simple and easy to use for all team members - from the kitchen to the front of house.


     Designed for you

We created our devices to be sleek and attractive, but mostly out of your way.  Every component is designed to be efficient and not take up valuable space.

Consistency, Compliance and Quality Control  

Consistency, Compliance and Quality Control  


      Health & Safety

Monitor key food safety and handling activities to improve your facilities’ health department and county inspection reports.


     24/7 Support

You don’t work 9-5, so neither do we. Call or reach out to us whenever you need us. We’re here for you.


•   If something goes wrong…

…we either fix it or ship a new part to you free of charge (and headache).

FreshTemp Technology






Our design and engineering teams have revolutionized temperature management by replacing pencils and paper with digital devices and cloud connectivity. We use Bluetooth Smart and 802.15.4 in our wireless products and built our cloud-based web application using the newest and most reliable open-source software.