FreshTemp User Guides

Questions about your FreshProbe, FreshSense, FreshCloud, or FreshTemp App? We have plenty of resources, guides, and answers help you get the most out of your FreshTemp products.


How to properly set up the components of FreshSense 1.5.

FreshSense 1.5 Setup Guide


Setup guide for the FreshSense 2.0 system.

FreshSense 2.0 Setup Guide


Offline Sensor Alarms for FreshSense 1.5/2.0

Offline Alarm Setup


How to connect the FreshProbe with your device and collect accurate temperatures through the FreshTemp App.

FreshProbe Setup Guide


Blue2 Probe 

Connection and troubleshooting guide for Blue2, the third party probe that syncs with the FreshTemp system. 

Blue2 Troubleshooting Guide


Manage tasks, temperatures, and records on FreshCloud to view and manage data from anywhere, anytime.

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