Mobile Restaurant Task Management App with Cloud Reporting

Replace traditional logbooks with modern technology having broader functionality

Systemize and simplify daily restaurant tasks - food prep, store cleanliness, internal reporting and HACCP compliance

Access the FreshTemp App from any iOS or Android device by your entire team

Quickly adapt to FreshTemp through intuitive technology/tools and image-based displays

Consistent Compliance and Quality Control

Convert your current pen and paper checklists into digital task lists and fully automate your daily duties. FreshProbe and FreshSense seamlessly sync with the FreshTemp App to record compliance data plus operational action tasks for your entire team…opening and closing duties, temperature checks, deliveries, etc.

Risk Reduction

Alerts are generated to notify you when something isn’t right and timely notices remind employees to start and complete tasks. If your fridges and freezers warm up, you will be alerted to ensure you do not lose product, waste time or money and can resolve equipment issues.  


Safeguard records with a unique store login during FreshTemp App setup. Improve team responsibility with individual logins for employee recognition when in use.


Organize operational activities into site-specific task lists depending on the size, location and equipment in your individual facility. In addition, you can take notes on the app to record any information that is important to management.