FreshSense sensors reliably measure the temperature in your coolers, freezers or fridges and record that data around the clock. FreshSense has 24/7 alerting capabilities to significantly reduce the risk of temperature-related food incidents, cut your workload and establish peace of mind.


Install FreshSense sensors in any space you need to ensure product temperature. The durable FreshSense design is able to withstand most environments while communicating with the gateway. 



The sensors communicate with the cellular gateways to record consistent data. No special software or complicated installation is required for the gateway. Each gateway handles 100+ sensors.


The FreshSense gateway communicates with the FreshTemp App and FreshCloud for constant monitoring and up-to-date reporting. Immediately review the temperatures collected via FreshSense from any mobile device on FreshCloud. 

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  • Continuous Oversight

Long-lasting, battery-powered, wireless sensors constantly monitor temperature – anytime, anywhere reducing energy and staffing cost. 

  • 24/7 Protection

Alarms are triggered when the temperature goes out of the set range preventing food loss. Alerts are sent by text message, email, phone call or however you and your team prefer to be contacted.  

  •  Digitized HACCP and Regulatory Reports

FreshSense automatically updates temperature logs to ensure regulation compliant record-keeping. Improve company food safety and health inspection scores by tracking ongoing performance in real-time on any mobile device through FreshCloud.

FreshSense Technical Specifications

Click for FreshSense Technical Specifications

Click for FreshSense Technical Specifications