The FreshProbe thermometer communicates directly with the FreshTemp App to eliminate pen and paper temperature recording. Simply “Save” on the FreshProbe or FreshTemp App to instantly collect item temperatures, which are digitally managed and securely stored on FreshCloud.


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The handheld Bluetooth FreshProbe thermometer links to the FreshTemp App. 


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As products appear on the FreshTemp App checklist, FreshProbe syncs to generate accurate, instant temperature measurements. 


Temperature data collected on the App is sent to FreshCloud, where it can be viewed as HACCP reports from any mobile device or computer.

Redefining Temperature Collection  

Redefining Temperature Collection


  • Reliable Temperatures

No longer worry about dry-labbing in your kitchen. Replace pen and paper logbooks with the FreshProbe and App to generate digital records and collect product temperatures faster and more accurately.


  • Automatic Corrective Actions

As you collect data on the FreshTemp App, if a product temperature is not within the necessary range, your team will automatically be led through the required next actions to correct the temperature. 


  • Stay Ahead of Regulations

Modernize your system and say goodbye to the hanging clipboards and disorganized binders of required paper logbooks. All data collected through the FreshProbe is organized and stored into HACCP and Food Safety and Modernization Act compliant documents accessible through FreshCloud.

FreshProbe Technical Specifications 

Click for FreshProbe Technical Specifications

Click for FreshProbe Technical Specifications