The digital solution to food safety and operations management

As food service operators – whether fine dining, quick service restaurants, or institutional operators in education or hospitality– quality control, inspections, and loss aversion are always top priorities.

With the FreshTemp system:

Review real-time data to identify trends and remove inefficiencies in your commercial kitchen

Simplify tedious temperature logs by going digital

Streamline and standardize operating procedures and put the focus back on your customers

Generate accurate, digital HACCP compliant temperature logs and operational checklists regardless of staff experience

Create a productive and consistent food safety culture regardless of staff experience


The FreshTemp system is designed to keep up with the fast-paced environment of your dining facility.



Most of your food is resting in fridges or freezers at any given time. Guarantee against equipment failure and product loss with 24/7 temperature monitoring.

No need to frequently open the doors to check temperature; login from your laptop, tablet or smartphone to collect the real-time temperature of one or multiple pieces of equipment.



No longer worry about temperatures that are inaccurate or mistaken. The calibrated Bluetooth FreshProbe instantly reads product temperatures of any food moving through your kitchen.


FreshTemp App

Upload all your daily operational checklists to increase efficiency throughout your entire restaurant. 



FreshTemp offers simple navigation and user-friendly processes to ensure all staff (front and back of house) will adhere to food safety procedures and provide the best attention and service to your customers.