Reduce risk and improve quality with digital food safety operations and temperature monitoring

Advance your food handling procedures and ensure that your team has adhered to all safety practices and documentation when providing fresh and prepared food for customers to enjoy in their homes.

With the FreshTemp system:

Bring consistency to store-wide, multi-location data collection

Fulfill HACCP regulation, FSMA compliance and company guidelines

Improve food product quality

Modernize safety to reduce health violations

The retail food industry has changed significantly over the past 2 decades; ensuring safe food while maintaining quality is vital.



Any food item can be temped with our Bluetooth temperature probe whether it is being delivered, stored, processed or transported.



The cellular sensors are battery operated, wireless, small enough to fit into box refrigeration units and discrete enough to place in store refrigeration. FreshSense alarms can be customized and activated for each piece of equipment depending on what it contains to precisely monitor your valuable goods.



View the real-time data collected from the FreshProbe alongside temperatures captured from FreshSense on one easy-to-view dashboard. Remotely check the safety status for one store or multiple locations by viewing and comparing prior digital records. 

The FreshTemp system provides the visibility and accessibility you need to succeed in monitoring and managing your high-value, perishable goods.