Frequently Asked Questions

FreshSense, FreshProbe, FreshCloud. 

What's the difference?

FreshSense, FreshProbe, and FreshCloud along with the FreshTemp App create the FreshTemp program, a total food safety and whole staff operations management system that provides your restaurant or store with higher quality assurance. 

FreshSense is the real-time equipment monitoring hardware comprised of sensors and a gateway.  The sensor measures air temperature wherever it is placed, communicates with the gateway, and sends real-time temperature data to FreshCloud to be processed and stored. FreshSense is able to alert you to equipment failures and potential product loss.

FreshProbe is for instant product temperature measurements. The FreshProbe is a handheld device that temps food items and accurately and digitally logs the temperatures.

FreshCloud is the platform that allows you to collect and store all of your data that is accessible anywhere via the Internet. FreshCloud communicates with FreshSense and FreshProbe and the FreshTemp App to store, manage and view collected data. You can retrieve the data as fully compliant reports from your laptop, tablet or smart device.


What's wrong with using pen and paper?

Pen and paper logbooks, along with being outdated, are easily misplaced, damaged, and have no security assurance. The FreshTemp temperature monitoring system provides real-time temperature monitoring and digital storage for instant access from anywhere and with high level security.


We haven’t had issues, why should we make the switch?

New regulations and stricter policies ushered in by the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act will hold restaurants more responsible than ever. While it has worked in the past, pen and paper collection is unreliable and time consuming and will not be able to keep up with the new policies.  Storing temperature data digitally saves money and provides a platform for store analysis. New regulatory fines can be expensive and apply to all food handlers, big or small.


Do I need special equipment?  

Yes. And No. The FreshProbe and FreshSense tools are unique to FreshTemp. You do not need separate equipment to run the FreshTemp App or FreshCloud. The app is accessible on most iOS and Android devices. You can login to FreshCloud on any device with Internet or cellular connection.


Does the FreshTemp system require a lot of training?

Not at all. We designed the tools and software with this in mind. It is purposefully simple and limited training is required - simply open the app and start taking temps.


Do the thermometers need to be calibrated?

No, we calibrate everything in our labs before sending it to you. If you feel your hardware needs calibrated, contact us and we will make sure that is done for you. We do not recommend trying to do so on your own.


What wireless protocol does your system use?

The sensors and gateway use a stripped-down version of the 802.15.4 standard. The design is proprietary with a strong focus on reliability and battery life.



How and where is the data stored?

The data is all stored securely in the cloud. FreshCloud was built using bank-grade security and has automatic backups for all of your data.


How many users have access to FreshCloud?

FreshCloud allows for unlimited users. However, we recommend that only the managers and supervisors have dashboard visibility. While all employees are able to access the FreshTemp App, each user can have different permissions or access to the dashboard depending on how many locations they are able to see. Talk to your account manager to set up your FreshCloud dashboard.


How frequently can we obtain temperature readings?

Every minute. This is easily configurable on your FreshCloud dashboard.



Is FreshSense easy to install?

Yes!  The sensors can be installed in any environment where the air temperature needs to be monitored such as freezers, refrigerators, coolers, even data centers or server rooms. You can install the system on your own, or we can handle the whole implementation. Installation of smaller systems is relatively simple, while larger systems may require a walk through.


How long do the sensors' batteries last?

The batteries last at least 3 years, depending slightly on environmental factors.


do sensors send real-time temperature alerts?

Yes! Alarms can be set when and how you want them. If a temperature drops or spikes we can alert you as it happens by phone, text message, email or any combination. Fix problems before they become a headache.


Can the sensors fulfill our unique HACCP requirements?

Yes! We can tailor our monitoring system to fit to your standards or requirements.


What kind of alerts can I receive?

Alarms can be set when and how you want them. We offer temperature alarms as well as reminders. Alarms are triggered when a temperature is out of desired range. For instance, if a temperature drops or spikes in the location of a sensor we will alert you by phone, text message, email or any combination. Reminders can be set in varying time increments before a task list begin or before it is due. 


Does FreshSense need Wi-Fi to work?

Nope, in order for FreshSense to communicate with the FreshTemp App or FreshCloud, the gateway must be plugged into an ethernet port. The sensors communicate with gateway via a propriety 2.4 gHZ wireless protocol. 



Does FReshProbe need Wi-Fi to work?

No, FreshProbe simply needs to connect to FreshTemp App via Bluetooth. The probe and app will communicate as long as they are connected, they do not require Wi-Fi. However, in order to send data in real-time to FreshCloud, the App must be connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular connection, whichever you prefer.


Is the FreshProbe tip (thermocouple) interchangeable?

Yes! We want you to use your probe in as many ways as possible. We stock wire and penetration thermocouples, but there is a whole world of styles out there. When you purchase your FreshProbe we will match your needs with what probes we offer. You are able to go out and match any K-type thermocouple to the probe that best suits your practices.