Monitor temperature in the cloud

FreshTemp FreshCloud

Real Time

The FreshCloud™ application updates in real time. Our low power sensor technology allows data to be updated every minute.

Always available

The FreshCloud application runs in the cloud. This means your data is secure and always available. Access the FreshCloud™ application from any Internet connected device and obtain information faster, from one location, multiple locations or a fleet of vehicles.

Safe and Secure

The FreshCloud application uses 256-bit encryption and has automatic backups for all of your data.

Connecting FreshSense

FreshSense is the FreshTemp wireless temperature monitoring system. The system was designed to be used with the FreshCloud application. Wireless sensors are placed throughout the facility/restaurant/store. Temperature data is available in real time from the FreshCloud application.



FreshSense System

FreshCloud Dashboard View

Connecting Smart Probe

The Smart Probe and FreshCloud solution bring product temperatures to the cloud. Product temperatures are recorded using the Smart Probe and the mobile app. The data is managed using the FreshCloud application.

1. Add items from FreshCloud.

2. Sign into the FreshTemp mobile app.

3. Take Temperatures.

4. View on FreshCloud.

Customize Reports

The FreshCloud application can be configured to generate reports that work for your company. Reports can be customized and created anytime.

Customize Alarms

The FreshCloud application can be configured to send an alarm when the temperature changes. These alarms are completely customizable and can be changed at any time.