What is Cloud Computing? (Part 2 of 2)

If you missed the first entry about what cloud computing is and the advantages of cloud computing for businesses, you can click here. In the earlier post we covered:

  • A simple definition of cloud computing
  • The 5 advantages of cloud computing for businesses

In this post, we follow up with:

  • How Freshtemp leverages cloud computing for business

When the Freshtemp learned about Cloud Computing, we thought it would be a pretty good idea. Here’s what we found:

Less Computing Power Needed

Our servers securely store hundreds of thousands of temperature data points for our customers all over the world – imagine trying to keep up with that on a desktop! Traditional servers would be able to handle the load, but then we open up a pandora’s box of new issues: Where do the servers go? Who maintains them? What happens when we need to scale up (or worse, scale down)? Instead of dealing with these headaches, we just let the experts over at Amazon Cloud Services manage our database needs.

Accessibility Across Multiple Computers and Devices

Freshtemp has hundreds of active users that regularly log into their Freshtemp accounts, weekly, daily, or even hourly. These users all use different devices (laptops, desktops, phones, tablets), operating systems (Windows, iOS, Linux), and they’re spread out all over the world!  It was clear that we didn’t want to develop different pieces of software for each of those different systems! So, we made one web app that can be viewed and used from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection. This dramatically reduced our development time while increasing the availability of Freshtemp services. Win-win!

Redundant Data Storage

Our customers rely on Freshtemp data to make important decisions daily, whether it’s to prove to food inspectors that all refrigeration equipment is compliant with regulations or to detect an equipment failure before inventory is lost.  So you can bet that if Freshtemp’s data servers crashed, we’d have a huge problem on our hands! But since Freshtemp uses the cloud, risk is minimized: customer data is automatically and securely backed up across multiple machines, meaning it takes a lot more than one server crash to cause damage – in fact more like 3-4, in different parts of the world. Think of it as not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Easy Software Updates, Scalability, and Uniform Version Control

With login credentials managed by Freshtemp, the right people can access relevant information no matter where they are in the world. That means the big-wigs in the corporate office can gain visibility to their branches in Tulsa, Oklahoma, instantly, without any extra installation or IT service. A vacationing restaurant manager can check the status of his equipment from the beach using his tablet or smart phone. If an update is needed, it can be installed from Freshtemp’s headquarters, rather than on each individual device. On top of that, we make it easy to add or remove users and priviledges, so that the right people have access to relevant information.

Safety From Malware, Viruses, and Data Theft

We’re not sure why anyone would be interested in stealing your temperature data in the first place, but if they were, we’re confident that the security systems in place at our cloud providers are tougher to compromise than those of the personal computer. And with no additional files to download, you don’t have to worry about malicious files when you visit Freshtemp.com.

Congratulations, you’re now an expert in cloud computing!  To learn more, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], we’re always happy to help!