The Golden Corral nightmare and how it could have been avoided

I’m sure  by now most of you have seen the recent story regarding Golden Corral and its practices. If not, you can check out the USA today article here.

The goal here is not to throw Golden Corral under the bus, but rather to simply raise awareness about the food handling practices within the industry.

The preservation of food-based inventory is complex and requires dedication and strict practices. Some of these are highlighted here. 

As of now companies like Golden Corral are required to record temperatures in “temp logs” for the purpose of quality control and for certain regulatory bodies (inspectors) to inspect and make sure they meet safe specifications.

As you can see the from the video posted by USA today, the managers at Golden Corral were clearly worried about failing the inspection that was about to take place.  Failing inspections is not rare, but to attempt to hide inventory that was bound to fail is just plain WRONG.

This should have never happened!

We live in an age were technology is our friend and if Golden Corral simply invested in a temperature monitoring system they could have avoided this all together.

By switching to a digitalized temperature monitoring system such as the null, the need for sending employees to record temps is eliminated.

So what happened at Golden Corral?

They were getting inspected. I assume that employees were too busy/lazy to have recorded any temps, and I assume the Manager knew the product was not going to pass inspection and quickly moved into preventative action.

An employee (the one shown in the video) was told to move product outside so the inspector would not fine them for holding product(s) above the specified temperature.

By having a monitoring system in place, the manager could have spotted this with plenty of time to either save the product, or to discard the product(s) based on the circumstances.

Knowledge is power!

Unfortunately for Golden Corral, they clearly had no knowledge of product temperatures, patterns, or controls, and are now paying a hefty price for their careless mistake.

Food bourne-illness is a serious issue, but with technology as our partner we feel like this issue can be easily avoided in the future.