The Dishwasher Cooking Phenomenon – Is it safe?

This phenomenon has gained attention due to a recent article published by an NPR reporter who is standing behind its validity and vouching for its safety.

If you are wondering what is meant by dishwasher cooker, well it is exactly what you think it is. Food is placed in a vacuum sealed bag and put in the dishwasher to then be cooked.

The idea stems from a noble thought of saving money, however there a lot of variables  still unknown, which is raising the eyebrows of many food safety experts.

Some of the biggest questions are:

-How can we ensure that the food (poultry, fish, beef) is reaching the recommended temperature to safely kill pathogens and bacteria?

-What kind of bags is the food being put in?

-How does one know how long to cook various products?


Dishwashers are designed to clean dishes not to cook food.  Representatives from both GE and Whirlpool also agree.

Interestingly enough here at Freshtemp, we offer a product that will monitor the temperature of your dishwasher throughout its cycle and may help to provide validity to this fairly new phenomena, however, until there is extensive research done to prove its safety and maintain a safe temperature range count me out.



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