Technology in the Modern Kitchen

There will forever be a special place in our heart for the cozy mom and pop kitchen stop. The idea of a simple space with delicious food can never be replaced. But as the modern kitchen evolves, so do the gadgets and and technologies that enter these kitchens. FreshTemp has developed wireless thermometers and mobile SaaS software in the form of an app designed for the commercial kitchen to guarantee food freshness, improve quality and food safety.

Technology may not seem natural in a world of creative and innovative chefs, but as food safety compliance and government regulations come to the forefront of the kitchen, technology may just be the answer.


What can FreshTemp do?

Restaurants are increasingly relying on apps to run the front of house, so it’s about time that mobile devices work for the back of the house. FreshTemp is made of 4 components. Two different wireless thermometers, a mobile application (available on iOS or Android), and a cloud platform for remote monitoring. Introducing the whole system to your kitchen allows you to worry less about temperatures as the devices work around the clock and you can check in from anywhere. The app replaces the tedious paper logbooks, allowing your team to complete tasks and temperatures quicker with certainty.


Why is this important? 

Recording the temperature of coolers, reach-ins, and, most importantly, food is nothing new. As FSMA rolls out alongside HACCP and the constant social concern with food safety, ensuring accurate and logged temperatures and operational tasks is more important than ever. All temperatures collected on the app are sent to the cloud where they are stored in multiple reports and viewable in real time. No more binders or coffee stained data sheets.

It is important to monitor temperatures around the clock (which FreshTemp can do, even if you aren’t there!) Roughly 4 to 10 percent of food purchased by restaurants becomes kitchen loss before reaching the consumer, most inventory loss is due to improper storage. Prevent health violations and avoid fines by the health department from a cooler that is running too high or foods that are not cooled down as they should be. Monitoring temperatures ensures that equipment is running as it should, and it puts the focus from food safety back onto your customers.


We’ve been there - we understand how difficult it is to manage and maintain a food operation. That is why FreshTemp is simple and easy to use for all team members. The app can be accessed from any tablet, phone or device and has specific logins for each location and team member to promote accountability and accuracy.  



It doesn’t matter if you serve American diner fare, tacos, or all desserts – that food needs to be temped and done so properly. An unspoken shame of the food industry is pencil-whipping, dry-labbing otherwise known as cheating. In order to save time and prevent getting scolded by the health department, some teams have taken to writing the “correct” but not actual temperature of an item. Sadly, this happens more often than anyone cares to admit and it makes for an unsafe scenario.

By choosing the FreshProbe, your team probes with the Bluetooth thermometer to temp an item and saves the temperature through the app. The recorded temperature is stored as reports on FreshCloud that cannot be tampered or adjusted. The FreshProbe is sleek, handheld, and easy to store making taking temperatures (and ensuring safety) cooler than ever. 



FreshSense wireless sensor is designed to withstand intense temperature ranges in the professional kitchen. These sensors are durable enough to be placed in chilled spaces and send a temperature reading to the gateway that communicates with FreshCloud to store data and create reports. These accurate wireless thermometers are meant to go in the spaces of the kitchen that hold some of your most valuable items. When the temperature goes out of range or the equipment fails, you will be immediately alerted. FreshSense prevents product loss and maintains the utmost level of food safety in the kitchen.


FreshTemp technology modernizes the kitchen and makes it safer and smarter than ever. The sensors are highly accurate and are wireless to stay out of your way.  Whether it's mom and pops place or a fine dining establishment, FreshTemp is the best solution for monitoring temperatures and tasks.