Raising Awareness on Food Safety Through Social Media

Food safety is important to everyone, yet the average person lacks the understanding of how important it truly is or what the term really means.

In today’s fast-paced world who has time to worry about food safety?

Luckily it is becoming easier to be plugged into whats happening.  Ben Chapman, assistant professor and food-safety extension specialist at North Carolina State University has developed a unique way to share food safety experiences by utilizing social media.

The project is called ” The Citizen Food Safety project” and calls people to post their pictures related to food safety experiences (both good and bad) on Twitter and Instsagram  by using #citizenfoodsafety. You can view the photos posted by going to: http://citizenfoodsafety.tumblr.com/

At Freshtemp, we are all about promoting food safety and raising awareness in any way we can.  We support Ben with this creative project and encourage everyone to participate!