Iphone 4 vs Iphone 5 Internet speed test

Lets get right down to business. Is the Iphone 5’s 4G LTE really faster than the Iphone 4’s 3G?

To run this this test we simply used the speedtest.net App and compared side by side. Here are the results:

Test 1: Iphone running LTE vs Iphone 4s running 3G.

As you can see from the imagaes above the Iphone 5 (left) is clearly faster! We ran this test 3 more times in a similar location and yielded the same results.

Test 2: Iphone 4s VS Iphone 5 running wifi.

As you can see both the Iphone 4 (3G) and the Iphone 5 (LTE) performed very similarly while connected to the WIFI network.


Well for all of those who are wondering if the Iphone 5 running on the LTE network is truly faster than the Iphone 4 running the 3G network, the results are in, and I can confidently say that the LTE network is substantially faster. To be exact the Iphone 5 (LTE) ran an average of  8 times faster than the Iphone 4 (3G). Although we have only showed 2 comparisons we assure you more testing was done yielding very similar data. If you have data that tells a different story we would love to see it!