Introducing the Bluetooth Temperature Sensor

At FreshTemp, we build products that people need and try to stay ahead of masses by building products on the cutting edge of technology. As smartphones and tablets continue to decrease in cost and increase in power, more and more businesses are making the switch.

The addition of all these smart-devices makes previous processes obsolete and allows us to perform new tasks with extreme efficiency.

This is why we’ve built an industrial grade bluetooth temperature sensor.

We’ve designed the sensors to meet our customers needs:

1. Easy to use.
2. Reliable.
3. Affordable.

Here are 5 examples where the a bluetooth temperature sensor could be used:

1. [Restaurants] Place the device in a freezer or cooler and be alerted on your smartphone when the temperature changes.

2. [Shipments] Place the device in the shipping container and upon arrival you could download the temperature graph for the duration of the shipment.

3. [Climate Control] Place the device in your controlled environment (HVAC Duct) and meet all compliance needs.

4. [Distribution] Use the device to track temperature at time of pickup, en route and delivery. Also check out our food probe to help with this.

5. [Industrial Control] Use the device to track oven temperatures and machine conditions with the added peace of mind of being alerted when something is not working properly.

Check it out: Bluetooth Temperature Sensor

We’d love to learn how you use your device, so please share!