How Much Does it Really Cost to Operate a Walk-in Freezer?

What is energy management and why is it important to you?

To understand the the importance we must explore the true operating cost of a typical commercial walk in freezer. According to the Energy Information Administration the average national cost of commercial energy is $0.1022 per kilowatt.

CoolerAverage Cost per monthFreezerAverage Cost per month








There are many factors that can affect the total operating costs. Some of the bigger ones include:


-Efficiency of refrigeration

-Exterior temperature of walk-in

-Age of the walk-in

-How frequently the door is open (loading food, cleaning, etc)

-Temperature of food inside

Lets take it a step further:

If you own one 10X10 walk-in cooler, and one 10X10 walk-in freezer your monthly operating cost are equal to approx. $144.15 + $362.24 = $506.39.

Using a 24/7 temperature monitoring system can help to reduce energy costs by 10-25%. Conservatively speaking this savings would equate to .10 X $506.39, for a savings of $50.64 per month.

Reduce your operating costs and extend the life of your refrigeration units!