Discover the Simplicity of Digital Temperature Logs

Maintaining accurate temperature logs in a hectic food service environment is a constant challenge for most operators. These logs are essential to insure that quality product is served to your customers; however, keeping track of a paper based log is a hassle. Among the dozens of tasks that a food service operator must execute, maintaining a temperature log is possibly the most susceptible to inaccuracy, unpleasant surprise, and loss of critical data. Fortunately, advances in digital technology are finding their way into the food service industry relieving these issues.

Accuracy: More than Just a Decimal Point

Advances in electronic technology enable digital thermometers to measure temperatures to an accuracy of better than 1 degree; however, a highly accurate measurement is only one benefit of moving temperature logs into the digital domain.  Digital technology is able to track who performed measurements, on which items, and provide a tamper-proof electronic time stamp that shows exactly when a measurement was taken. Further, once data is captured in a digital format and stored in the cloud, the ability to apply powerful analytic tools becomes possible. Analytics can reveal hidden trends and highlight similarities and differences between various shifts or locations. These benefits hold tremendous promise of transforming illegible temperature logs into a source of continuous improvement.

24/7 Visibility: Know What Happened When, Anytime

                  Perhaps the biggest problem with non-digitized data collection is that it is not possible for a manager to be proactive. There is no mechanism for paper to alert you that a particular item was measured out of specification, or if a measurement was missed. Also, paper data is restricted to the location where the logs are stored. There is no practical way for a regional manager to review the logs of different locations without physically traveling to those specific locations. This becomes especially burdensome when locations are geographically separated.  Once data is moved into Cloud, the power of dashboards and remote monitoring become as simple as a click of a button. You are able to see exactly what was measured, when, and by whom in any of your locations, no matter how far they are from each other.

Security of the Cloud: Never Lose or Misplace Your Data

Imagine losing your monthly temperature notebook! That is a scary proposition. Either through loss, simple misplacement, or something like spilt liquid, you can lose an entire month’s worth of day in a split second. Through no fault of your own, you could place your next health inspection at risk, jeopardizing your brand’s reputation. Fortunately, the Cloud can come to your rescue. By uploading your data directly to the Cloud, you can insure that your data is secure and accessible in a moment’s notice. The risk of not being able to present your data in a clear, legible way is eliminated.

Introducing FreshCloud™

The FreshCloud™ system, developed by FreshTemp brings the benefits of digitization to the food service industry. This cloud-based system eliminates the hassles associated with current paper and pen based logging systems. The result is a system that is both more effective and simpler, providing more information and allowing you to use this data in a proactive way. The future of temperature logging is digital, and FreshTemp is leading the way.

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