Smartphones and a bluetooth food probe — How technology can make your restaurant more efficient.

The food industry is saturated with overpriced under performing food probes. The concept is simple…tell me the temperature of whatever it is I’m measuring. This is outdated and inefficient!

Now with over 500,000 android smartphones being activated each day we have changed the *tell me* to *tell everyone*!

Using the freshtemp food probe, you can now share the temperatures in real-time with anyone in your company. This is made possible by advances in bluetooth technology and the widespread use of smartphones.

To get started all you need is the freshtemp bluetooth probe food and an android smartphone.

1. Download the application from the android app market.
2. Enter in your equipment and food list (what is being measured)
3. Start taking temps!

As always you can learn more with an email to [email protected]

Protect your food!