A New Era for FreshTemp

We’ve got a lot going on here at FreshTemp.  In fact, we’ve accomplished so much in the last 6 months that, I’m afraid I have to say it: FreshTemp 2.0 is here.

Here’s some of the big events that have transpired in the past few months:

The FreshTemp World Headquarters Upgrade

Back in March, we moved locations into a beautiful workspace in Inman Square in Cambridge, MA in order to accomodate our larger team.  Not only is the location great (Inman is our favorite place in Cambridge), but our physical space matches our culture perfectly.  We believe environment is important and the new “HQ” has really helped us take it to the next level.

It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come since our first workspace……it was known as “the Dungeon” for good reasons.

We were so busy executing that we didn’t get the chance to properly inaugurate the space, so we’ll be putting together a “World Headquarters Warming Party.”  Email me ([email protected]) if you’re interested in coming!  We’ll announce the date soon.

Two New Products Released

nullOur engineering team was really burning the candle at both ends. On Friday July 20th, we officially started offering two new products: FreshSense 2 and the FreshTemp Probe 2. By their name, they’re technically new versions, but in terms of progress, they’re completely new products. The detailed announcements deserve their own separate blog posts, but they’re here and ready to go.  We’ll post the formal announcement shortly.

nullWe’re excited as can be.  Not only are we continuing to push the envelope with the design and technology, but we’re also driving better prices.  It’s hard for the team to imagine a better situation than delivering high end products at the best price.  And while we’ve had people tell us that we shouldn’t sell ourselves short, we want to see these products out in the market solving problems, and think we can do a lot of good by making them affordable.

(You can learn more about both our products by going here:FreshTemp Products.)

Total Website Redesign

If you visited FreshTemp.com previously, you may have noticed we just completed a MAJOR overhaul of the site.  And while we’ve got a lot of great content to deliver still, the site is now cleaner and simpler.  And not only that, it’s now really, really easy to purchase our products.  Check it out.

Even More Good News to Come

This isn’t even giving the full story, but we don’t want to overdose our faithful readers with all the good news at once! In the coming weeks, we’ll be making some other big announcements.

And again, as usual, we’ll continue to stress this: reach out to us! Whether you’re another hardware company that wants to discuss “Hardware-as-a-Service” business models, a budding entrepreneur, a potential customer, or a potential partner, or just plain friendly, contact us! ([email protected] or [email protected])